Yes, I think most networks have dropped Cosby, but his shows are still available on streaming services.

One of the headlines I brainstormed recently is about Cosby, so I may yet write an article about what he meant to me once, how it hurt to cancel him, and why I did it anyway.

The main reason I wouldn't want my kids watching Cosby is because I want to make clear to them that I feel strongly about what he did. I have two boys and I want to make sure they understand where the boundaries are and that good men don't cross them. I want them to be men that women can trust. I want them to be harmless.

So, refusing them Cosby is not really about preventing their exposure to him but setting an example for them: I don't tolerate predators, and I certainly don't want to raise any.

Thanks for asking--I'm generating material for my Cosby article through this discussion. Very helpful!

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